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Couples Counseling

Discover the keys to unlocking your relationship’s potential

Attending Couples Therapy Alone or With Your Partner

Individual Couples Counseling

There are always ways that we can each improve our side of the relationship- whether it’s through more effective communication or setting better boundaries. All is not lost if your partner is unwilling to attend couples counseling with you.

With Your Partner

Every story has two sides. Having someone who can help you find the common ground can be helpful. Whether you’ve been married for years, are writing your wedding vows, or have just moved in together, couples counseling can help.

Benefits for Couples Counseling

Improved Communication

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When do we truly learn to communicate with others? Most of us learn by the example set for us by our parents or other adults when growing up. Sometimes those examples aren’t helpful.

It’s not too late to learn how to effectively communicate your wants, feelings, and desires and above all, listen to those of your partner.

Increasing Intimacy

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People often equate intimacy with sex, but there are many forms of intimacy from emotional and intellectual to physical and sexual. Each form of intimacy comes with unique challenges that many couples struggle with.

Increase the level of intimacy in your relationship through effective couples counseling.

Infidelity Recovery

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The road to recovery following infidelity is a difficult one; one that you shouldn’t navigate alone. Wading through the waters of pain and hurt can be overwhelming.

Let me help guide you through the storm.

Defining Your Relationship

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The best part about being in a long-term intimate relationship is that you get to decide what it means to you and how it will lead you to feeling happy and fulfilled.

Learn to write the owner’s manual for your relationship. You can get more of what you want; you just need to learn how to ask.

Premarital Counseling

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Most don’t think about getting couples counseling when they are preparing to get married, but I believe it’s the absolute best time to do so.

Get your marriage off to its best possible start!

Repairing Trust

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Trust is a cornerstone of any loving relationship. It’s hard to be vulnerable and loving when you don’t trust your partner- regardless of the reason.

Couples counseling can help you rebuild the trust in your relationship.

About Couples Counseling

Couples often enter into counseling because they feel stuck. They’ve been having the same fight again and again with no resolution in sight. It always seems to end with anger and hurt.

Couples counseling is about learning how to fight better. I don’t mean taking boxing lessons. It’s about learning to communicate in a way that helps your partner understand your perspective and learning how to hear that of your partner.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to couples counseling. When I meet with couples, I first seek to understand their unique situation as well as dive deep into what it is they are hoping for.

The couples who work with me not only learn skills that lead to an increase in empathy and compassion within their relationship but also benefit their relationships with others as well.

These are things that I believe everyone should be taught at a young age, but it’s never too late to learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does therapy cost?

Most of the time when people ask about cost, they want to know price. 50-minute sessions are $150.

Sliding scale and reduced rate is available to those who qualify.

Please call to learn more.

Do you accept my insurance?

I am not on any insurance panels currently which means I would not bill your insurance directly.

I can provide you with a special receipt if you would like to file for out-of-network reimbursement.

How long will therapy last?

This of course varies from person to person, but many of my clients find that working with me for just a few weeks is enough to start seeing results.

What happens in the first session?

Prior to your first session I'll send you a link to fill out and sign your intake paperwork. During the session, we will review this information and start to dive into what has brought you to therapy. We'll also talk about your goals for therapy.

How do I book an appointment?

To get started, give me a call at (469) 708-0023.

What if I didn't receive the email to log in?

First, check your spam folder. Sometimes, the emails get snagged there. If you still haven't found it, you can reach out to me by phone at (469) 708-0023.