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Meet Angela Gwinn

Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas 

Angela Gwinn- Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas

Hello! I’m Angela Gwinn

Licensed Professional Counselor

“Life is difficult.” This is the first sentence of Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. This book goes on to explain that we experience pain because we do not accept this fact. The author details the psychological and spiritual components of growth and healing.
I read this book decades ago during my first career as a salesperson. At the time, it satisfied my curiosity about why we do what we do or make the choices we make. I now believe it was my first step on the road to becoming a licensed counselor.
The people I have met have invited me on their journey to healing, telling me about their experiences with dysfunctional families, struggles with anxiety and depression, trauma, addiction and relationship challenges.

Areas of Specialty

Grief and Loss

Loss is a concept that we do not face readily. In fact, we minimize the impact of loss. We tell ourselves that we are tough, we don't care anyway, it wasn't that important. Or, to quote Peyton Manning, "walk it off, rub some dirt on it".

We learn much of this behavior from how our families dealt with loss.  Now, when life happens, when losses occur, we are set up with complications on recognizing and dealing with our emotions. And when a loss due to death occurs, we are unprepared to cope with the impact of the loss of a loved one.

Family and Other Relationships

We learn about relationships all of our life: from our family, friends, school, social groups.

This does not mean that the lessons we learned, the experiences we had, are indicative of a healthy relationship.

Since it's all we know, we believe it is "normal", an expectation we accept as truth.

A "reset" in this area can give our life new focus.

Goal Setting

The formula used in career counseling involves assessing the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to function successfully in a specific role.

We can use this same formula, add personality and interest preferences to craft a plan for the future- our own personal "rerouting" of our GPS.

Angela’s Approach & Values

Many of our struggles have their origins in grief, trauma and experience of loss. We now understand that these events shape our outlook of life and set the stage for our ability (or inability) to manage our life today. Thanks to advances in brain science, we have an enhanced understanding and paths to peace.
Or maybe you are feeling a disconnect between your life as it is and what you want it to be. Somewhere, somehow, your journey has gone off course, and you don’t know which direction to go next.
I do not present myself as a person with all the answers, but as a fellow traveler on the search for peace and happiness. I look forward to meeting you.

Angela’s Credentials

  • Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Amberton University
  • Licensed Professional Counseling in TX- #62823
  • 12 years as Director of Pastoral Care at Prince of Peace Catholic Community
  • 25 years in Industrial Sales and Marketing

Additional Training and Expertise

  • Member, International Association of Trauma Professionals
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma protocol
  • Grief Counseling, Center for Loss and Life Transition
  • Minister of Consolation, Diocese of Dallas
  • Batterer Prevention and Prevention Program, State of Texas
  • Gottman Marriage Therapy
  • In Faithful Love- Diocese of Dallas
  • Member, National Catholic Bioethics Center


  • Collin County Council Family Violence
  • Presbyterian Faith Hospice
  • Career Seminar, St. Jude Catholic Church

Angela Gwinn Works With Individuals & Couples

Individual Therapy

Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster with so many ups and downs, twists and turns. It’s okay to ask for help.

Couples Therapy

Being in a long term relationship is challenging. No one teaches you how to be married. Discover new skills to enhance your relationship.

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